The Guinevere Deception Review: girls run the world

If you haven’t read my review of Legendborn, I’m not a king Arther legend gall. I am pretty opposed to reading love triangles so I usually try to stay away. So this is a book I would tend to stay away from cause of the original lore, HOWEVER I WOULD HAVE MISSED OUT!

This book is super engaging and was perfect for my fae-loving reader heart. Guinevere is mysterious, powerful, sincere, and wants to be needed/wanted for who she is–and that’s not Guinevere. She’s a witch who has taken the place of the dead Guinevere to help protect Camelot.

I LOVEd this concept. This book is totally something I would read. Strong female lead in a fantasy world working to make a place amongst men? Yes PLEASE! This book had everything I could want: adventure, mystery, magic, and romantic intrigue.

I immediately fell in love with Arthur as a character because he is so good. I really appreciated how White also showed his flaws that come with his strengths. I thought White did a great job of showing the give and take of everything. Where there is strength there is weakness. Where there is progress, there is loss of the past. It was super well done.

I thought the ending of this book was interesting and kind of shocking to me. I look forward to reading the next book and seeing how Guinevere continues to develop as a person and pave her own path.

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