Edge of Anything Review: mental health, grief, and female friendship

I didn’t realize how much I needed to read a YA book about two girls who help each other face their fears and their problems. This book soothed my soul in how it faced issues head on that I myself and others I know have dealt with but didn’t have a story to find solace in.

Sage is an all star volleyball player at her high school until a medical discovery leaves her benched–for good. Len sometimes can’t control her thoughts and how they get away from her when she sees dirt on the floor. Sage and Len are not unlikely friends, they just didn’t know they needed each other yet. This book shows the girls on their own journeys and how they will help each othe.

Sage sold me as someone who loves a sport and it’s her whole being. Sometimes I think sports aren’t always convincing in how they’re portrayed or how characters show their desire/need to play. Sage NEEDS to play and I felt her yearning in every beat of my heart. I believed her pain and I mourned with her.

Len’s mind was completely believable as well. Without giving anything away, there were times when I knew exactly what she was feeling based on my own mental health and previous experiences. She’s also someone I desperately wanted to see thrive. I wanted her to be convinced she was worthy and wonderful.

Sage and Len’s relationship is amazing. I loved how they comforted, accepted, and pushed each other. I’m almost crying just thinking about the vital role they play in each other’s lives. They’re inspiring to me and hopefully to other readers, and their relationship felt attainable. They aren’t perfect people, and having a friendship like their’s isn’t something ridiculous to aspire to. We need more books of girls being friends without any love. Len and Sage are enough for each other. Their love for each other is the perfect story.

I highly recommend this book to everyone whether you’re a realistic fiction person or not. Whether you need romance in the book or not. Whether you see yourself in Sage and Len or not. This book could be the perfect read for your heart like it was for mine. If it is, please let me know.

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