Deadly Education Review: I was ready for the death, I just wasn’t ready for the humor

This book was hilarious and I didn’t think it would be nearly as funny as it was. I thought it was going to be all doom and gloom and I was totally prepared and excited for that. 

It IS doom and gloom but it also has a lot of laughs.

El is unlikable to others, but so endearing to me. I felt her need to be wanted and not cast aside. I think she will resonate with a lot of readers—although I know that some find her prickly. I appreciated that we got to see WHY she was so prickly. Her whole life she’s been dangerous and unwanted. 

First off the book starts off with an amazing first line which I won’t even think about spoiling here. Orion and El have such a great back and forth. Orion can’t help but be liked for his efforts to help others and El can’t help but be disliked despite her efforts to help others—even though no one realizes that she could kill them all.

Side note, I LOVE the constellation Orion, so I immediately fell in love with Orion and was hoping he would be a character I could actually love. Let me just say, I can and do love him. 

I thought the survival and magical system of this book was super intriguing and kept me on edge. Every little thing can hurt the students so there are no dull moments. The magic system is complex, but interesting so even during the longer paragraphs of exposition I was engaged as I learned more. I still want to learn more in the next book. 

I wanted El to succeed so badly and I wanted her and Orion to just team up because they would be UNSTOPPABLE!

I really love El and the development she went through and will continue to go through. I also thought the ending of the book was better than I could have ever anticipated. 

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