January Monthly Wrap Up

From October to the end of December I work on reading strictly CYBILS books and books for class. So, once the first round of judging ended, I went hard for all the books I’d been putting on my TBR during those months. January was a great month of reading and I enjoyed all the books I read a ton!

The Knife of Never Letting Go

By Patrick Ness

I LOVED this book. I honestly think it’s one of my favorite books of all time. I’m still deciding. But I do know that this book is doing some amazing things and the trilogy does not let up. I’ll be finishing the trilogy in February and I’m both devastated and excited.

Deadly Education

By Noami Novik

I heard so much about this book and I was really interested in reading it. It definitely surpassed my expectations and I think about the book probably once a week. Novik does a really good job with taking fantastical things we’re familiar with and transforming them.

Dark Shores

By Danielle L. Jensen

ROMAN INSPIRED WORLD WITH MAGICAL PIRATES. This book was made for my Greek mythology and pirate loving heart.

Trail of Lightning

By Rebecca Roanhorse

Hot dang this book was fast-paced, intriguing, and full of great characters. I’m currently on a very long wait list to check this out at my local library. Probably because everyone else loved this book too!

Dark Skies

By Danielle L. Jensen

The second book in this series was JUST as good as the first! This one definitely brought the Roman empire and some sort of knight-princess era (I can’t be sure and this is not really my area of expertise) and it was SO cool! I love the blending of these aspects we love from different eras. The characters were once again super complex and engaging!

The Ask and the Answer

By Patrick Ness

I am still reeling from this book and working on what I want to talk about in my upcoming review of it! This series doesn’t pull punches and asks so many moral questions.

Three Dark Crowns

By Kendare Blake

I’ve recently been getting into darker fantasy so, I hunted down this series I have heard so much about. I have a hard time attaching myself to characters when I know they might (or WILL) die, so this series will probably be a rollercoaster for me.

One Dark Throne

By Kendare Blake

I wasn’t sure how this series would continue, and I can just say it continued SO well. I think I might have liked this book more than the first! The continued character development is done so well and I’m getting attached to every character.

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