Tiger at Midnight Quick Review

This is mainly a quick review because I waited so long to write the review due to being swamped by school and a reading slump. However, this book does deserve a review because it’s really good! The tension between the characters was so delicious as well as the tension they feel within themselves.

Esha is wicked strong and awesome I look forward to more and more of her. I really appreciate how capable and cunning she was throughout the story. I also thought her heart shown through in everything she did. I’m really interested to see how she acts in a larger group instead of just on her own.

Kunal was immediately likeable and I believe that he never stopped being likeable. His growth was entertaining and authentic. He also wore his heart on his sleeve if one knew where to look. I hope we learn more about his history and what he learned about himself in this look (no spoilers here).

This adventure was really fun to listen to and I really look forward to the next book!

4 thoughts on “Tiger at Midnight Quick Review

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