One Dark Throne Review & Discussion

This post will have SPOILERS! So beware. I don’t really give away any plot points, but I mention some character development, so continue reading at your own peril. You can read my spoiler free review of the first book of Three Dark Crowns here.

This island and its rules need to chill out because it just does not seem like the best way to do anything. Why do we need to kill two of the three girls? I thought this book would be even more tense than the previous one and honestly it was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I mean don’t get me wrong it was sad and these people cannot catch a break, but my imagination was worse.

I am loving all the twists and turns that this series contains. I also love how I was constantly torn between loving and hating characters (except for Billy Jr. who I always love and has won my heart).

Katharine: this girl has changed in this book and although I love that she’s taking hold of her own power, I found her blood-thirstiness a little concerning. I am hoping for a redemption arc for her, and it’s hinted at the end that she will get one. Also, how do we feel about Pietyr? Because I’m not sure about him. Going into the next book, I am also hoping he’ll redeem himself.

Mirabella: I still really love Mirabella and I am constantly cheering her on. She really loves her sisters and I love the tension she faces of being the most powerful sister who doesn’t want to hurt her sister. I’m waiting for her true love interest because she deserves better than Joseph.

Arsinoe: I love this girl. I felt a little unsure about her during some of the first book, but I am firmly cemented in team “I love Arsinoe” (I still want all the girls to succeed in some capacity). Her and Billy Jr.’s relationship is so sweet and I underlined so many quotes from them. I also think that Arsinoe is the most smart of the three and I love to see her brain work.

Billy Jr.: I just had to mention him on his own. I love him so much because he constantly rejects this island’s ridiculous and deadly ways.

These books get more and more deadly. I can’t imagine how the next book will play out. The ending of this one was NOT what I expected at all. I’m really into dark fantasy stories after reading the first book!

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