The Raven Boys Review: I’m in love with friendship

I’ll admit it. I am head over heels in love with book friendships. They give me butterflies, make me blush, and cause me to smile to myself while reading. I mean romantic love is great, but the love of friends, it gives me goosebumps. I read this book a few years ago and I can’t really remember if I finished it, but my Goodreads rating was not great. Over winter break my friend and trusted librarian recommended I read the series. She has yet to steer me wrong, so I got myself on the incredibly long waiting list.

I am utterly joyful I decided to try these books again. I am GOBBLING them up. Gansey is delightful. Adam is tragically beautiful. Ronan is polarizingly lovable. Blue is fabulous. Noah is so sweet. I love each of them individually, but their different dynamics are increasingly engaging. Every time a scene ends I usually wish that I could have sat in it longer with the characters in it. The one on one conversations are so full of meaning and humor.

Stiefvater is an amazing writer. I find myself underlining so many quotes (I’m using my kindle) and rereading them over and over again. This world of magic within every day life is honestly why I read. I love that pocket of the impossible within our ordinary lives. It’s what makes me fall in love with fantasy every time I pick up a book.

I think I love this book more now than I did because I wanted romance then, and now I want true love no matter what form that takes. Often it takes the form of friendship. The greatest friendships are ones I take with me through my whole life. I love that this book is an ode to friendship, adventure, and magic.

I am reading and listening to the audiobooks while I walk to and from work. Will Patton does a really good job and I’m really enjoying that I don’t have to put the story down just because I can’t safely walk and read a book. I get to listen and bring these characters to life through their voices.

Have you read these books? Please let me know because I need someone to love them with!

4 thoughts on “The Raven Boys Review: I’m in love with friendship

  1. The Raven Boys is one of my favorite YA series of all time. I just LOVE the way Stiefvater writes these books. The characters are all so strikingly different and endearing, Ronan being my favorite and Gansey a close second. It’s amazing how much Stiefvater put into cultivating the friendships and along the way, organic romances. Awesome review! I’m so happy to see that you enjoyed it so much 😀

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