The Dream Thieves Review: Was Ronan the original bad boy?

This book lived up perfectly to the previous one, which is always very impressive to me. I was so ready to dive back into this friend group and their adventure. As I said in my post about the first book, I love friendships. This book continues to develop the friendships and the individuals. This post will have some minor spoilers, but most of the spoilers are from the first book, so just keep that in mind as you continue reading!

These books have so many wonderfully wise truths and beautiful lines. Sometimes I feel like I’m reading a timeless fairytale with how beautiful the prose is. Does anyone else feel that way? I also think the books are very funny so I love the balance of colloquial humor with elegant epiphanies.

I’m so interested in Ronan as a character because he is both a softy and mean. He’s become rough as a person, but it’s also armor. I find that interesting twist on the “bad boy” trope great. Ronan as a character was so untouchable in the last book, and I’m so glad that we get to know him and his history better in this book.

Adam was the hardest for me to love in this book, probably because he was going through a lot of growth as character still. I didn’t not love him, I just found him to be extra polarizing, so I’m glad his friends didn’t give up on him. He’s wonderful and I still love him, don’t worry.

I’m still fiercely in love with Gansey as a character. I of course want him and Blue to be together, but I can love everything about him, right? He’s also a wonderful paradox like Ronan, but in the opposite way. I love how much they care for each other. I’m trying not to think about how he’s supposed to die at some point!

I love all the women at 300 Fox Way and I almost wish we spent more time there. Calla is super funny and I love that Maura, Persephone, and Calla complete this three women theme that’s shown a lot in Greek mythology. I think Stiefvater mentions it in the book, but I find that so fun.

This book certainly did not end how I thought it would end and I am not sure how the next book is going to address everything, but I look forward to reading it!

Who is your favorite Raven boy?

3 thoughts on “The Dream Thieves Review: Was Ronan the original bad boy?

  1. I bought the box set of these books a few months ago but have not read them yet. It’s great to see such a good review! I’m pretty excited about reading them as they seem like my cup of tea!

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