Blue Lily, Lily Blue Review: even farther down the Glendower rabbit hole and I’m here for it

These books just keep getting more and more interesting as the magical system shows that there are very few rules. Every time I think I know all the rules and all the players, BAM new people and new rules. I’m all for it though. There are spoilers in this post, so please read at your own discretion!

Something I do appreciate about these books is not only are they whimsical and beautiful to read, but the characters are dealing with real problems. That’s something I’ve been talking about with my significant other. We both think that speculative fiction stories have a responsibility, or just the opportunity, to tackle real problems. This makes the characters real and shows us that we’re not alone. I think that all of the characters are dealing with magical and real problems and I really appreciate that.

I loved getting to see Blue and Gansey grow closer in this book. Also I did not see Adam and Ronan coming–and it’s coming. Blue and Gansey are the perfect amount of sweet and tragic.

I didn’t anticipate the Grey Man and his rivals playing such a big role in the overall story, but it’s been a surprisingly interesting aspect. It also adds a deadly aspect since it does so often feel playful and fun. The hitman add quite a bit of violence, even if it’s just threatened.

Once again I am a huge fan of Calla, Persephone, and Maura (although I wish she would have not abandoned her poor daughter). They are wonderful and I almost wish we could see an origin story or a prequel book of just them.

I’m not going to lie, this book made me sweat quite a few times thinking that Gansey was going to die in these stinking caves! So stressful and Blue was constantly reminding me that he was going to die and I would have preferred my willful ignorance of that fact!

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