The Raven King Review: What. An. Ending.

It’s been awhile since I read this book. I got carried away reading the books really fast and then moving on to other books. You know how it is right? Well, without further ado, I will finally write my review of this book. There are spoilers in this review so read at your own discretion!

I really enjoyed this book and I thought it was a pretty good ending for this book. I was a little disappointed that the great king Glendower turned out to be nothing. I think Gansey could have still died without Glendower being a dusty pile of bones. If we think about everything that people sacrificed for this pile of bones it’s rather depressing. Also there is so much magic in this world and I really think we could have portioned it out that Glendower got a little too?

However, I will say that nothing could have lived up to the anticipation of Glendower and I appreciated the let down in my own way, and it was made easier when Gansey came back to life.

I guess I’m just going to need more books about Gansey where he discovers more magical things with Blue and then I’ll be appeased. I started reading Call Down the Hawk which I liked (I haven’t finished it yet) but lacks the Gansey-ness I loved about these books. I’ll return to reading the book eventually but I think I’m mourning for Gansey and Blue right now.

I DID love the continued character development for Adam, Ronan, Blue, and Gansey. The romance in this book was so sweet and made my heart ache a bit. Gansey and Blue’s kiss was everything and Stiefvater really did kill Gansey. I was hoping the whole time she wouldn’t do it, and if she did I wanted her to bring him back to life, which she did.

I enjoyed Henry in how he immediately supported Gansey, but he did feel a little too easy as a character in how he suited all the needs of the book. However, if he’ll be in future stories I think I’ll like him more as he’s developed as a character instead of as a tool.

I’m very glad that I returned to these books and finished them. Not only am I in on all the fandom talk, but I also really liked them!

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