Rule of Wolves Review: this better not be the end of the Grishaverse

When I started this book and anticipated its release, I had no idea that this would be a “so long…for now” book and I am sad. This is probably my favorite fantasy world and I am not ready to say goodbye, especially because I am still holding out for more Kaz Brekker at some point. I will say that this post will have SPOILERS so read at your own discretion!

Nikolai has certainly captured by heart over these few books. Zoya had my heart instantly in King of Scars and watching them come together was so sweet and achingly slow. I do love that Nikolai and Kaz are my favorite characters from this world (I also love David so he’s my second favorite after the two of them).

I love Nikolai’s optimism and humor which is so different from everyone else’s in this world–something that Bardugo talks about. We need people like Nikolai in this world because it can be so depressing. My favorite is when Kaz and Nikolai team up or go head to head.

I really appreciated these books because they’re dealing with the aftermath of war and trauma. There is still war and battles, but all the characters are still attempting to heal from the last war, and I find that so important to cover since so many stories stop once the war is won.

I am quite upset that there was still tragedy in this book. I really thought that David and Genya were safe. Also I am VERY tired of sweet boys dying after their wedding. It wasn’t kind when it happened to Finnick and it’s not kind now. I should have seen David’s death coming because he had such sweet moments. I’m still reeling from his death as if he was a real person, book nerd stuff am I right?

Zoya got so powerful in this book which is both amazing but also she better not live forever because immortals and mortals falling in love is ALSO very sad. So even as I’m cheering that Zoya finally let Nikolai in I’m also terrified that we’re gonna have a Tess and Will Herondale moment (it’s been a really long time since I’ve read these). I did love that Zoya ended up being the queen of Ravka and we’re starting a new rule and that Nikolai can help her.

Nina still makes me really sad because I feel as if she had to give up her old self to enter into her new life. I loved her and Matthias so much so it’s hard to see her fall in love with Hanne and I wish Bardugo would have addressed that a little more. I love true love and I’m a sucker for people not moving on from past loves, however I do appreciate how authors are showing people moving on in books. I just wish we could have had more closure for Matthias and Nina before adding Hanne to the mix.

I am 100% thankful we got to see the crows in this book and my only wish is that there was more of them and I got to see Kaz and Inej together because they are one of my favorite couples of all time. That’s why I personally hope there is another book wth them in it although I’ve seen some arguments against it. However, I think Kaz and Inej have more to do and I would love to continue seeing them team up with Zoya and Nikolai.

I did think it was cute to see Alina and Mal again since their epilogue seemed so fairytale ending when there was still stuff going on in Ravka. I also loved how Alina said she was a soldier before she was a saint and that she could still fight for her country. What a line!

Overall this book did so much and did feel like an ending but also that there was so much left to explore. We haven’t really touched on the Wandering Isle at all and I would love to meet more characters from there or explore there. I also hate endings to series I love and this is one of my most beloved series/world so I’m sad to see it possibly end. However, I love everything Bardugo writes so I look forward to more books from here.

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