Storm of Locusts Review: monster-slaying excitement and great character growth

I was really excited to read the second book in the Sixth World series and I’m honestly pretty sad there isn’t another book out for me to read. I guess I’ll have to wait to read it when it finally comes out. There are spoilers for this book, so read at your own discretion. You can read my spoiler-free review of the first book here.

Maggie had a ton of character growth in this book and I really enjoyed it. She’s attempting to let people into her heart and her family after so long. She’s trying to find a balance between her gifts as a monster slayer and a person who doesn’t take human life so easily. I thought that was one of the best parts of the book–watching Maggie negotiate and navigate her own identity.

I enjoyed getting to see more of this world and I hope Roanhorse continues to do that, although outside the Wall seems very terrible. I’m both tempted and scared by what else we’ll see out there.

I went back and forth on the rating of this book toward the end because there is so much anticipation of finding Kai and trying to figure out what the White Locust is doing and then it happens so quickly. I read an NPR review of the book and it captured my feelings of this book well.

I loved the story, character growth, and excitement, however once we get to Kai everything is cleared up really fast. Maggie and Kai get back together really fast. It didn’t feel very authentic when thinking about all the turmoil Maggie feels about Kai before then.

I’m really excited for the next book and I am interested to see what adventure Maggie goes on next.

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