May 2021 Wrap Up: graduating college and indecisive reading

I graduated from college this month and I had a book hangover from Rule of Wolves so that all affected my reading this month. I’ve also been in the mood for a good YA romance but haven’t been able to find one that caught my undivided attention. However, I DID manage to get some reading done.

Rule of Wolves

By Leigh Bardugo

This was a very long-awaited book for me and I really enjoyed reading it. I read it in one day and yes it did wreck me and no I don’t really want to talk about how much it wrecked me. I think Bardugo is an amazing writer and I love everything she writes. I look forward to future books and I really hope we return to the Grishaverse (especially Kaz, please let us return to Kaz).

Storm of Locusts

By Rebecca Roanhorse

This is a fun and engaging series that I am becoming committed to reading. I look forward to more of Maggie’s adventures. Maggie had great character development in this book and we got to explore more of the world.

Language of Thorns

By Leigh Bardugo

I read two of the short stories from this book for class a semester ago, and I knew that I needed to read the rest. All of them are very good and most of them still linger in my mind long after I read them. I am really into fairytales right now, so I’m looking for retellings and new fairytales which I hope to read this summer.

Places No One Knows

By Brenna Yovanoff

This was a re-read because as I mentioned earlier I really wanted a good YA romance, and this is probably one of my favorite ones ever. Waverly and Marshall are such memorable characters and I fall in love with both of them every time I read this book. Fun fact, but I read the book over two days, which were the same two days I originally read the book in May exactly four years ago. This seemed perfect to me since I was graduating from high school then. The review linked in the title is from that original post I wrote about it four years ago.

If I’m Being Honest

By Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

This was a fun read although it took a little to get into. The first few pages were jarringly rude since the book was establishing Cameron’s mean character. Watching her grow and change was engaging and the development of the romance was so sweet. I think I’m going to look into more books by these authors.

Monsters of Men

By Patrick Ness

My significant other and I finished this trilogy finally! It took so long because I didn’t want it to end and I had this huge sense of dread that something terrible was going to happen. Overall, this was probably the best way to end this incredible trilogy. I’m still thinking about what happened. I’m both satisfied and yearning for more. Keep a look out for my upcoming review of it!

This was a pretty good month of reading considering how busy I was and how much I was struggling to find something I really wanted to read. I have a lot of books I’m trying to read and finish right now so hopefully I can actually do that this coming month.

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