Monsters of Men Review: one of the most memorable series I’ve ever read

This quickly became one of my favorite series ever. Todd and Viola are such believable, lovable, and flawed characters to follow. Even as I want to shake the book because they aren’t completely communicating with each other, I also understand how difficult the decisions they are having to make are.

This post has spoilers in it so read at your own discretion! You can read my spoiler-free review of the first book in the series here. You can read my discussion of the second book here, which does contain spoilers. Enjoy!

Todd holds a very special place in my heart. He really is the best of us, and that’s not because he doesn’t make mistakes, but because he regrets, remembers, and mourns the mistakes he makes which I think is such an important message for Ness to have incorporated into the book.

Todd also is a very humorous character and I loved getting to see him grow up. Animals are special to Todd and I enjoyed getting to see that play out in the entire series. Throughout the entire series, Todd is someone worth believing in and fighting for and I’m glad that Viola never stops.

I think that it would have been easy for Viola to have given into turning against Todd or allowing him to drift away from her because the Mayor was pulling him away, but she doesn’t. They both are so committed to saving each other and I appreciate that because sometimes it’s really hard and the other is rescued kicking and screaming even as thier rescued.

Viola is a great partner for Todd because she believes the best in him. I also appreciate how strategically she thinks which is coupled with her desire to believe that this world can be a peaceful and good place for everyone living there. She’s also ruthless which I really appreciate. Viola is the one who often deals the killing blow instead of Todd which I think makes her character equally as complicated as Todd’s.

When they FINALLY kissed at the end I was so happy because it did feel like finally which is a line in the book. I would have loved to see them be together longer, but I understand what Ness was going for, and it never was a romantic series. However, I did NOT appreciate almost killing Todd. Although I will say that I predicted that he would die in the book. My significant other was not happy at all with Todd’s death and he was so relieved when Todd was deemed alive.

The Mayor was a continually complicated character which was both jarring to see him develop. I was also really paranoid that he was manipulating everyone at all times, which he was. However, he did change and adapt which was quite scary since villains changing makes them more dangerous in my opinion.

I wish there were some more books in this series, although I do enjoy all the possibilities there are in the ending. I think this was a really solid trilogy. I feel like I learned a lot from this series which is always really fun when the series is equally engaging as it is challenging to me as a person. Ness did an amazing job and I’m planning on reading more of his books soon.

I’m sad to say goodbye to Todd and Viola, but I believe I’ll return to re-read this series soon. I fell in love with the premise, characters, world, and the plot of this book. It has earned its spot as a favorite.

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