If I’m Being Honest Review: Taming of the Shrew “retelling”

I can’t remember how I came across If I’m Being Honest, but I remember reading the summary of it and thinking “this is the kind of romance I am very interested in reading.” Cameron was a little rough to enjoy at the beginning of the book, but that was part of her character development.

This post has spoilers so read at your own discretion.

She is a harsh and blunt character which isn’t bad. It gets bad when she’s purposefully cruel to others which is something she learns throughout the book. As someone who was seen as a b*tch in high school I appreciated reading a book about a girl that isn’t well liked.

Often romantic books are about a mousy or shy girl coming into the spotlight and I liked reading about a girl already in the spotlight who learns to love herself and others better. A man doesn’t change her either which I think is a really good distinction to make in this review.

Cameron goes on a self-journey (not for the best reasons) but along the way she discovers that she enjoys being closer to people instead of pushing them away. The amends she makes were actually pretty believable. I was a little doubtful about her making a list of her wrongs and then crossing them off. I mean how much could she have done in her life when she’s only 17/18? Well, she’s done enough and realistically enough that I believed it.

I also fell in love with Brendan as a character and love interest for Cameron. They are sweet and witty with each other which I really enjoyed. And my boyfriend loves video games so I enjoyed seeing someone represent video game guys in a positive and smart way.

Overall, this was a cute story that helped to appease my desire for a romance book. I think I’ll even look into other books by these authors.

5 thoughts on “If I’m Being Honest Review: Taming of the Shrew “retelling”

  1. great review! i read this book a while back and had a lot of similar thoughts. & i especially loved the message this book sent at the end with Cameron and not changing who you are for anyone else šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ˜Š


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