The Graveyard Book Review: who would have thought a graveyard could feel like home?

Reading this book has been quite the feat. Not because it was difficult at all, but because I kept getting distracted from it. I’ve read it a little, listened to the audiobook a little, and taken way too many breaks. But FINALLY I finished it and it was totally worth it.

Bod is a very lovable character. He reminded me of classic children’s literature characters like Alice and Peter. He’s not especially extraordinary so readers can relate to him, but he also has an air of magic to him which makes him so exciting to follow. I enjoyed all the characters that surround him too. The full cast audiobook was a great way to be introduced to them and to make them all distinct.

As I said, I did listen to the full cast audiobook, and I highly recommend doing so because all of the narrators are super great. One of them is actually Moriarty from “Sherlock” which was super fun to realize. This is also a pretty short book, so if you were to read it, it wouldn’t take too long.

Something I really appreciated about this book is that is leaves so much possibility about the world. Bod’s guardian is a vampire and his whole life is very mysterious, which allows a lot of possibilities for the kinds of creatures and organizations that exist out there. That was all very cryptic, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

This is a middle-grade read, but I think it’s going to go down as a classic like Peter and Wendy and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Have you read it? Do you agree?

2 thoughts on “The Graveyard Book Review: who would have thought a graveyard could feel like home?

  1. Yes! I read this one last year… well actually I listened to it but yeah! I loved the narration… I tend to really enjoy his books on audio as the author reads them himself and I love that! This was a really fun book and definitely feels like a potential classic! x

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