Firekeeper’s Daughter Review: murder mystery thriller

This has been a long-anticipated book for me. My librarian friends have been speaking very highly of it. At first it was a little hard for me to get into it. However, it instantaneously hooked me at one point and I was all in. Boulley does a great job creating the setting and making the people around Daunis real which I appreciated. People are very important to this story. They carry value as people but also in how they contribute to the story.

Daunis was a very believable and relatable character. She’s also very science-minded person, so if you enjoy science she is your kind of character. Jamie, the love interest, was super engaging and I felt conflicted about him just like Daunis does. All the relationships, whether romantic or nor are meaningful and engaging.

This book delves into so many serious topics drugs, generational trauma, death, grief, sexual assault, and not being accepted by different cultures. I appreciate how Boulley handled these topics. She takes time to explore them, and at the end of the book there is truth, hope, and resolution which the characters need.

This book reminded me of the movie “Wind River” which comments on the fact that Indigenous women go missing or are killed at a higher rate than other people, and their cases are often not investigated or reported. I hadn’t known that until I watched the movie, and I was considering that fact as I read this book.

The ending was not what I expected and I felt very satisfied with it. I do think this book deserves the hype that it’s getting and I hope it continues to garner attention.

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