Ninth House: Quick Review

Finally a fantasy book for college students. Bardugo is my favorite author and I am ecstatic that she wrote a dark magical book that takes place at college. I've had a few college friends ask me for a fantasy book that wasn't about young teenagers. They wanted something more mature. I read Ninth HouseĀ and BOOM … Continue reading Ninth House: Quick Review

The Perfect Dark Fantasy Romance

That's right I read it in a day! Armentrout has her crown as the queen of YA paranormal romance and now she's coming for the new adult fantasy romance crown. I think she might win it if she keeps it up with these books. Oh man friends, this BOOK. The world was so intriguing … Continue reading The Perfect Dark Fantasy Romance

All These Monsters: Tintera creates another strong female lead

I love Tintera. She writes some of my favorite strong female leads. I LOVE her Reboot duology and her Ruined trilogy is fabulous. So, when I found out that she was writing a new duology, I've excitedly anticipated the release of this book. The cover is also freaking gorgeous! Clara will be joining the … Continue reading All These Monsters: Tintera creates another strong female lead

The Hate U Give I've mentioned before that I'm not an audiobook gal. I have a hard time listening while doing other things in my life. (I'm not great at multitasking). I really can only listen to an audiobook when I'm alone and traveling whether it be walking or driving. This summer I would often make short drives … Continue reading The Hate U Give

ARC: The Princess Will Save You

I won this ARC through Goodreads which was SO exciting since I've never won one before! And I am SO ecstatic that I won this book! It comes out tomorrow, July 7th. You NEED to get your hands on it and start reading immediately. What if Buttercup saved Wesley? That's the question on the … Continue reading ARC: The Princess Will Save You

Rumpelstiltskin Returns for Another Incredible Retelling

If you don't already know, I am a HUGE fan of Rumplestiltskin retellings. I gushed over Wish Granter by C.J. Redwine a couple of years ago. I won't say more because I'll go on a rampage of compliments about it, so check out my previous blog post here! Spinning Silver was a phenomenal retelling of a story I … Continue reading Rumpelstiltskin Returns for Another Incredible Retelling

TOG Marathon Day 4: Queen of Shadows

Friends, it has been a while since I actually started this marathon of blog posts, and let's all just acknowledge how inconsistent I've been. *Acknowledges how inconsistent Grace has been and forgives her because she's a mess and you're all very understanding and kind people.* Perfect thank you all. Now back to this marathon. Five … Continue reading TOG Marathon Day 4: Queen of Shadows