CYBILS Panelist!

I'm a round 1 CYBILS panelist for young adult speculative fiction! I am so excited and honored to be selected to be a part of the team that will help decide award-winning books! I'm gonna be reading like CRAZY and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. You can actually nominate books to be read... Continue Reading →

My Star Rating Explained

I've never explained my rating system for my blog, and I thought now would be a good time to give an insight into how I rate books. Different bloggers and retailers have their own rating system. I partly adopted the Goodreads system. I should also point out that, if you haven't already noticed, I only... Continue Reading →

I Need Your Recommendations!

Dear Book Lovers, I need YA recommendations for winter break! I'll have four weeks to read whatever I want and NO HOMEWORK! So your girl needs your recommendations for what to read next! I prefer YA, but if you have an adult novel I NEED to read, I'll look into it! I love fantasy, strong... Continue Reading →

So I have this blog, and I haven't really written on it in over a year cause I don't really have the time to read as much as I would like. BUT I have this blog, and I enjoy writing a lot, and I have LOTS of opinions I love to share, so I thought... Continue Reading →

I’m Coming Back!

Wow. I have not posted in SO LONG friends. I am sorry. You probably haven't missed me much with all the wonderful blogs out there, but I┬ámissed you! I started college this fall and I have no free time to just read for pleasure, so with winter break right around the corner I've been compiling... Continue Reading →

I'm bored. I've been writing a lot of reviews lately and I'm a little tired of writing them. I'm also a little worn out from reading so many books. GASP. Blasphemy! But really, I need a little break from the constant reading. So, what am I gonna do to post? That's a great question. Lately,... Continue Reading →

You need this book in your life

LOVE HER WILD By ATTICUS This is a post full of first times. I know I don't normally do poetry, but I HAVE to do this book. I also don't normally take pictures of books, but I wanted to do a real picture of this book. What do you think of my amateur photography skills? I... Continue Reading →

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