Strong Female Lead? Yes Please!

Friends. FRIENDS. This book was marvelous. I didn't have a lot of expectations going into it. The description really interested me and I read a review about how Asha was a little like Aelin form TOG, but still her own complete character. Let me just say, that if you like Aelin, then you're gonna like … Continue reading Strong Female Lead? Yes Please!

Throne of Glass Marathon Day 3: Heir of Fire

Friends, I did it! I moved on to the next book in this series after six years! It's a social distancing miracle! *Crowd cheers for Grace as she runs laps around her living room.* Thank you! SPOILERS Five Stars This book made me fall in love with this series. As I said before, Crowd of Midnight is … Continue reading Throne of Glass Marathon Day 3: Heir of Fire

Exit, Pursued by a Bear: a Shakespearian retelling about trauma

I found this book super randomly and the title intrigued me. After learning what it was, how it connected to the book, and what the book was about, I had to read it. I'm glad I did. I don't usually read contemporary fiction unless it's romance. I've been interested in how girls deal with and … Continue reading Exit, Pursued by a Bear: a Shakespearian retelling about trauma

Ruin & Rising: The End Has Come

I'm still in shock from this book. Still feeling weepy and I cannot be expected to emotionally engage right now. However, I will attempt to put my thoughts and feelings about this book into words.   Starting with: WHY YOU GOTTA DO ME LIKE THAT BARDUGO?! There are spoilers in this post cause I cannot … Continue reading Ruin & Rising: The End Has Come

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I finally did it. I read this book. I have loved the characters of Wonderland for years, but I've never actually read the book. I've seen the animated movie. I've seen the Tim Burton movie. The Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter are some of my favorite characters in children's literature. I was not disappointed … Continue reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland