Shadow & Bone (about time Grace)

This review is LOOOONG overdue. (also some spoilers, so read at your discretion). I have already this book years ago. For one reason or another I didn't continue the series (I'm known to do this, and then I go back and love it. Guess I needed to mature to like this. Maybe I read it... Continue Reading →

King of Fools

Dang dude, these books are crazy. I love me some fantasy gangs though. Enne is a bad ass-pistol wielding-princess and I am here for every second of it. I was actually pretty worried about reading this book because I just had this feeling that there was going to have a tragedy as sequels are known... Continue Reading →

Wicked King

Wicked King by Holly Black 4/5 Stars I wrote a review on the first book of this trilogy, The Cruel Prince, a while ago. You can check it out here. Yes. Yes. This trilogy is everything that I need. Do you ever go on a book drought when there's not a lot interesting you in the literary... Continue Reading →

Pick it Up

Have you ever been reading a book and there's a scene that makes you close the book and walk away? Have you ever caught yourself saying, "don't do that!" and slamming the book closed because you KNOW she's gonna do it even though you told her not to? Have you ever felt so queasy because... Continue Reading →

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