Children of Blood and Bone

This world and its magical elements in this book are out of this universe. I can totally understand why this book took the YA fantasy genre by storm. The magic of this world is so interesting and inspiring. It reminded me of Percy Jackson because I was thinking about how I would love to know … Continue reading Children of Blood and Bone

The Hate U Give I've mentioned before that I'm not an audiobook gal. I have a hard time listening while doing other things in my life. (I'm not great at multitasking). I really can only listen to an audiobook when I'm alone and traveling whether it be walking or driving. This summer I would often make short drives … Continue reading The Hate U Give

Dry: Because I needed another end of the world book

I listened to the Barnes and Noble podcast where Neal and Jarrod Shusterman discussed this book, and I was immediately hooked. Shusterman does an amazing job with dystopia, and so I just knew he'd do an amazing job with the drought apocalypse. And they did an amazing job. I can't decide if this book … Continue reading Dry: Because I needed another end of the world book

Thunderhead: the perfect follow up to Scythe

It's hard to put into words how good this series continues to be. The plot keeps expanding as Shusterman adds new perspectives. I also really enjoyed getting to see the Thunderhead's perspective on not only what's happening currently, but it's perspective on EVERYTHING. I love that the Thunderhead is completely good. I'm not a … Continue reading Thunderhead: the perfect follow up to Scythe