Spin the Dawn

I read this book for CYBILS. Although it's not a finalist, I really liked it and I would love to get to share it with all of you.  Maia has worked as a tailor in her father's shop for years. She dreams of owning the shop one day, however, she cannot as a woman. When... Continue Reading →

Aurora Rising: Cybils Finalist

This is a CYBILS Finalist for Young Adult Speculative Fiction The year is 2380 and the world is a lot bigger than just earth. The graduating cadets of Aurora Academy are going on their first mission. One group, however, isn't necessarily the A team even though its captain is the best in the class. Due... Continue Reading →

King of Scars

Leigh Bardugo does it again. Oh. My. Gosh. Bardugo always blows me away with her characters, plot, and world-building. Also, she makes me CRY SO MUCH. She really gets me in my feels. Five Stars I love books that show the after of war and destruction. The rebuilding is also so important, and I love... Continue Reading →

Onyx & Ivory

Okay not only did the synopsis of this book interest me but look at this cover! Wicked cool right? The book was really good too! The world of magic is so complex and intriguing. I'm still working it out in my head. I love how they determine the heir, through a magic trial. There is... Continue Reading →

I Need Your Recommendations!

Dear Book Lovers, I need YA recommendations for winter break! I'll have four weeks to read whatever I want and NO HOMEWORK! So your girl needs your recommendations for what to read next! I prefer YA, but if you have an adult novel I NEED to read, I'll look into it! I love fantasy, strong... Continue Reading →

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