Ruin & Rising: The End Has Come

I'm still in shock from this book. Still feeling weepy and I cannot be expected to emotionally engage right now. However, I will attempt to put my thoughts and feelings about this book into words. Starting with: WHY YOU GOTTA DO ME LIKE THAT BARDUGO?! There are spoilers in this post cause I cannot talk... Continue Reading →

A Love Note to Booklovers

  Elisabeth works at one of the Great Libraries where magical books known as grimoires. It's a dangerous job guarding grimoires that have been enchanted by sorcerers. Becoming an official Warden is everything Elisabeth has ever wanted. Until she is framed for a crime she did not commit. She must then enter into the world... Continue Reading →

Shadow & Bone (about time Grace)

This review is LOOOONG overdue. (also some spoilers, so read at your discretion). I have already this book years ago. For one reason or another I didn't continue the series (I'm known to do this, and then I go back and love it. Guess I needed to mature to like this. Maybe I read it... Continue Reading →

Sometimes a girl needs hot aliens

Your girl needed some paranormal romance that would go down real easy. This book did not disappoint. I have read all the Luxen books already, so I already love the idea of these aliens, and I was so ready to jump back into some angsty and hot alien romance. I wasn't disappointed at all. Three... Continue Reading →

King of Fools

Dang dude, these books are crazy. I love me some fantasy gangs though. Enne is a bad ass-pistol wielding-princess and I am here for every second of it. I was actually pretty worried about reading this book because I just had this feeling that there was going to have a tragedy as sequels are known... Continue Reading →

Onyx & Ivory

Okay not only did the synopsis of this book interest me but look at this cover! Wicked cool right? The book was really good too! The world of magic is so complex and intriguing. I'm still working it out in my head. I love how they determine the heir, through a magic trial. There is... Continue Reading →

Seafire: Girl Gang Pirates

I have mixed feelings about this book. It's good, and I will probably read the sequel. However, I had some issues with the plot and the characters that made it difficult for me to fully engage with the characters and storyline. Caledonia is a difficult character to support. She holds this secret that's hard to... Continue Reading →

I Need Your Recommendations!

Dear Book Lovers, I need YA recommendations for winter break! I'll have four weeks to read whatever I want and NO HOMEWORK! So your girl needs your recommendations for what to read next! I prefer YA, but if you have an adult novel I NEED to read, I'll look into it! I love fantasy, strong... Continue Reading →

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