Echo North Review: Cybils Finalist

This is a CYBILS finalist!

Echo loves her father, and so she’d do anything for him. She’d even follow the wolf that attacked her when she was a child into a castle to stay with him for a year. While she’s there, she gets to know the wolf better, explore the castle held together by thread, and the books she can transport into. However, there seems to be a dark force behind it all. Echo starts to uncover some secrets, and it leads her to truths she wasn’t expecting to find.

Four Stars

I love a good retelling. This one seemed to encompass quite a few different fairytales. I picked up on beauty and the beast, cupid and psyche, and cinderella. Maybe you’d pick up on some more of them if you read it!

I love an enchanted library, so I really enjoyed the books Echo could experience. The wolf was mysterious and I wanted to know everything about him. We get to learn the pieces bit by bit.

I saw some things coming in this book, or at least I thought I did. However, the last part of the book was totally crazy and now what I thought it would be. I’m nervous to spoil anything, so that’s all I’ll say.

I am really into stand-alone books right now. I like how they wrap up at the end, and I don’t have to attempt to remember everything for a year until the next book. This book ended in a way where I got the ended I wanted, but it wasn’t unrealistic.

I would highly recommend reading this book, especially since it’s a CYBILS finalist!

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