One day we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter (That’s the title)

I promise this is funnier than the title, although I think the title is pretty funny. I also think considering everything going on, we could use some humor and some truth this book offers. A rare nonfiction book for my blog! I read this book for a humor writing class and it opened my eyes... Continue Reading →

I VOW You’ll love this book

Kazi and Jase are together and returning to Tor's Watch to build their life. However, everything goes wrong. They'll have to fight for their lives and the life they want to build together. Will they be able to stay together and get the life they've now dared to dream about? Five Stars Holy Moly. This... Continue Reading →

Serpent & Dove

Lou and Reid shouldn't have met. She's a secret witch, and he hunts them for a living. They should never have met, and they certainly should never have gotten married. But they're married and learning how to live with the other, even though their lives are completely different. Lou's secret could kill her, but it... Continue Reading →

Storm and Fury

Trinity is something special, and she's being hidden at Warden compound. When the Zayne and some other Wardens come to visit, things start to happen. Trinity can't hide anymore. It's time for her to take hold of her life. This book takes place about six months after the Dark Elements trilogy ended. Four Stars Okay,... Continue Reading →

Daughter of the Siren Queen

Alosa is in pursuit of the treasure hidden on the island of sirens. She's been reunited with her father and found all the pieces of the map. However, everything isn't exactly as it seems. She's battling doubt, her feelings for Riden, and going on a dangerous journey to understand her siren powers. Four Stars I... Continue Reading →

Spin the Dawn

I read this book for CYBILS. Although it's not a finalist, I really liked it and I would love to get to share it with all of you.  Maia has worked as a tailor in her father's shop for years. She dreams of owning the shop one day, however, she cannot as a woman. When... Continue Reading →

Fireborne: CYBILS Finalist

This is a CYBILS finalist! Annie and Lee are two orphans who grew up together during a brutal revolution. Annie was freed from her position as a peasant and Lee was relieved of his position of royalty, and secretly left alive unlike the rest of his family. After the revolution and with the new government,... Continue Reading →

Echo North: Cybils Finalist

This is a CYBILS finalist! Echo loves her father, and so she'd do anything for him. She'd even follow the wolf that attacked her when she was a child into a castle to stay with him for a year. While she's there, she gets to know the wolf better, explore the castle held together by... Continue Reading →

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