Night Circus Review & Unpopular opinions

Unpopular opinion: this book did not live up to the expectations people had given me. Of course it’s an interesting book with a beautiful concept and engaging characters, but I found the ending to be predictable and… not tragic enough?

I know. I know. I’m a monster, but hear me out. I might have just picked up on the bread crumb trail the author left for me, so when I got to the ending I felt disappointed it was what I thought it was going to be.

Honestly, I think I had a hard time buying into the stakes of the “game.” No one really got hurt because of the actual magic of the game. Of course people when crazy–but that was less about the danger of the game and more about being a pawn in a larger game.

I could get on board with the romance. I loved the circus, I didn’t mind the horribly complicated time line, but I just knew Celia and Marco would be together somehow. The book makes you think it will be tragic, but really it’s not. It’s about life, magic, showmanship and being special.

The stakes of the book just weren’t high enough for me to really worry about the doomed love. It didn’t seem that doomed to me, or it didn’t seem like Celia or Marco COULDN’T get over the death of the other. They weren’t so entrenched in their love for the other that it didn’t seem like they could not move on.

Maybe I’m just not the audience for this book. I mean I’ve pretty much said I wanted to someone or more than someone to die in this post? So maybe I’m not as romantic as I thought.?Or maybe I’m so romantic I want it to be a love that lives on past death?

I’m not sad I read the book. I am sad that I went in with such high expectations and ultimately was disappointed.

Do you completely disagree with me? Let me know in the comments.

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