Flashfall Review

I read this book when it came out in November, but never did a review. I loved it, so I thought why not share the love?

First off, the wonderful main character, Orion. She is such an amazing character. First of all, her name rocks (mining pun), and she’s a super tough female protagonist.

The plot was awesome. I love dystopian societies and rebellions are fabulous! Moyer does a wonderful job of relating the characters to me, pulling on my heart strings, and getting me to cheer for Orion and Dram.

Not gonna lie, the relationship Orion and Dram have makes my heart ache in all the good ways. Their friendship is so genuine and fresh. In my opinion, there aren’t enough guy/girl friends and maybe more…? out there in young adult.

I loved this book, it’s a super fast read and the characters are really pushed and tried during the book. I recommend for science fiction lovers, dystopia lovers, Hunger Games lovers, and people who like to read!

img_8866Fun fact, I got to meet Jenny Moyer since she’s from the Des Moines area and she worked with my writing class. It was a crazy cool experience. She knows what she’s talking about!

I am counting down the days until the sequel, Flashtide comes out November 14th!

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