Fearless Review

This trilogy was one of my favorite over the past few years. I have done reviews on the previous two books. Here is the first book Nameless and the second book Clanless.

I love the idea of this world of clans, reducing the world to a more primal version, but instigating a unique kind of magic into it as well.

The plot is interesting and kept me engaged mentally and emotionally. The man vs man, man vs environment, and man vs self, are layered on top of each other without being this complicated mess. The plot is complicated enough that I don’t get bored but not so hard to follow that I give up.

Zo and Gryphon are some of my favorite characters ever. They are so loyal yet they both challenge what they know and I really appreciate that growth as characters. They develop on their own and together. Their relationship is also believable which to me is very important since many YA relationships are completely unbelievable.

I loved the romance and the suspense of this book. If you haven’t started this trilogy, YOU NEED TO DO THAT NOW. This is an underrated trilogy and you won’t regret reading it.

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