Shadow & Bone Review: (about time Grace)

This review is LOOOONG overdue. (also some spoilers, so read at your discretion). I have already this book years ago. For one reason or another I didn’t continue the series (I’m known to do this, and then I go back and love it. Guess I needed to mature to like this. Maybe I read it during my romance phase). I read King of Scars and I realized I needed to know these characters better. I needed to see them before the aftermath that King of Scars depicts.

Five Stars

So I made my way back to the book. Some of it I remembered. Some I had mostly forgotten. I really like Alina. And Genya. And David. And Zoya (but mostly cause I know how she turns out). I love Mal. The characters are great, and I love getting to see their origins.

I should also note the Bardugo is probably my favorite author and that I don’t know why I waited so long to finish this series, but I’m here now.

I love me some best friend romance. I LOVE IT. Alina and Mal are wonderful. I love them and I want to see their relationship develop. I also want to know what happens after they sail away because obviously, they come back. I want to see Alina develop into the figurehead that is spoken of in King of Scars.

When I read this book the first time, I think I really liked the Darkling and I was super conflicted when he turned out to be evil. I wanted him and Alina to have something. Now I see that he’s a total cult leader and that’s why he’s so lovable. He’s young looking, charming, smart, and powerful. People are drawn to him and that makes it so much easier for me to read the book now that I myself am not conflicted about him.

I am nervous about the others who figure out he’s bad news, but also I know it’s a huge moment for all of them, and I want to see Genya and Zoya turn into the badass women who face down the Darkling. I also want to see Nikolai jump in and just be wonderful.

The second book is gonna be a whirlwind, and I am gonna be HERE FOR IT. Thanks for putting up with my crazy rambling. Dang Bardugo you get me so good.

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