Ruin & Rising Review: The End Has Come

I’m still in shock from this book. Still feeling weepy and I cannot be expected to emotionally engage right now. However, I will attempt to put my thoughts and feelings about this book into words.



There are spoilers in this post cause I cannot talk about it without really getting into it, also I’m pretty late to the party so I’m hoping most people have already read the books! If you haven’t RUN to a store right now and buy the first book!

Five Stars

There are so many tragic boys in this freaking book. The Darkling, Mal, Nikolai, Adrik, Misha, and Sergei. My HEART. All these tragic boys that get me in my feels.

Then there are all the badass women who I love to death. Alina, Zoya, Genya, Barga, Nadia, and Tamar. I mean come on, what am I supposed to do with all these amazing women all over the place being awesome and powerful? It’s hard to choose who I like the best, so I think I’ll choose every one of them.

Okay Grace, stop fangirling over the strong female leads.

Alina and Mal hurt my heart most of this book. They belong together and it’s wrong that they stayed apart so long. Mal’s tattoo “I am become a knife” DANG. There are so many amazing quotes in this book. I highlighted so many on my kindle.

Which leads me to Nikolai. I love that guy. He is absolutely hysterical and I want to see more of him in the second book of the King of Scars duology. Mal and Alina also have great banter. I love me some funny, witty, and flirty banter.

Mal being the third amplifier, I did NOT see that coming. Killing the one we love, ugh that is so hard to read about, but it was so perfectly done. I wept and wept but THEN HE CAME BACK TO LIFE AND IT WAS OKAY. The epilogue was great. I had major Mockingjay epilogue feels. It was wonderful. I don’t think the book could have ended in a better way. Even though it hurt like hell and I don’t know when I will recover.

I finally finished this amazing trilogy, and I’m honestly not sorry that I waited this long. I got to experience this world for an even longer time. I am so excited for the next book. I think I might also reread her other books now that I’ve read this trilogy.

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