Dark Shores Review: Roman-inspired world and a boss pirate princess

I am a complete sucker for Greek and Roman-inspired books. I also am always looking for pirate books. So the fact that this book brings these two book-passions of mine to life is wonderful! Not only did it have a world I wanted to explore, but the characters were delightfully complex.

Teriana is a boss pirate princess. Not much more needs to be said after that sentence, but I will go on. She is constantly being pulled between two different things. Her family’s way of life and her best friend. Her family and the legion of soldiers she’s getting to know. The East and the West. Her constant turmoil as well as her wit made her such a fun character to follow. I look forward to more of her adventure and more hard choices she has to make.

Marcus is a tragically created weapon who inspires the loyalty of almost everyone he meets. Marcus is also often torn in two directions. The choices he makes affect the lives of so many and he is haunted by them. I think that’s what makes him more of a morally ambiguous character is that the hard decisions he makes haunt him. He’s not just this monster–which is what Teriana wishes he was. He also has a really cool strategic mind it is fun to read about his plans and how he explains.

I am a huge fan of morally ambiguous characters. That’s why Kaz from Six of Crows is my favorite literary character of all time. I love anti-heroes or characters are who are constantly faced with morally grey decisions. Both Marcus and Teriana are morally grey and fighting to help their families. It’s painful to watch them both be manipulated. It’s also so hard to know both of their perspectives and to see each of them misunderstand the other. Freaking dramatic irony. 

Overall this book was really cool and I look forward to reading more of this series!

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