Dance of Thieves Review: your next must read

Friends. You need to read this book. It is everything I could possibly want from a fantasy book right now. It explores the broken and strong parts of us. It explores how much love can handle. It explores what right and wrong truly mean.

Kazi is a great character. (I also love that her name is so close to Kaz, one of my all-time favorite book characters). She is everything I want to be. She’s an amazing soldier and a world-class thief. Her past follows her like a shadow, but it doesn’t make her less strong. She has just the right amount of strength and will while also showing that she is in constant turmoil. I felt for her. I related to her. I love her.

Jase is an amazing character too. The book often mentions how he can be two different people, so can Kazi. They both have different sides to them, which is such a human characteristic. Having different facets to survive. Letting those we love to see a different part of us. Jase’s loyalty to his family seems arrogant, which the book often remarks on, but I started to understand. Family is so important and Jase shows how it’s not just blood that makes people family. He also has more of a conscious than he appears to have. He does everything because he cares. For his city. His family. It’s admirable, even if a lot of what he does takes places on the wrong side of the law. I love how we get to explore both of these characters bit by bit in this world where good and evil can seem so subjective.

I devoured this book in two days. I should say that this is a series connected to the Remnant Trilogy which I have not finished reading. I read the first book, and enjoyed it. However, I had a hard time reentering the world in the second book after waiting a year for it to come out. I plan on going back to the trilogy now that all the books are available. Before I read this book I read a review that said it is not necessary to read the trilogy first in order to enjoy this book. I agree. It also said that towards the end of the book, there are characters that would be more meaningful if I read the trilogy first, which I also agree with. I plan on reading the Remnant Trilogy ASAP, but I still loved this book and I highly recommend it.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this book! Are you excited for Vow of Thieves?

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